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Firecracker Vayne concept art

I got the privilege to work on Lunar Revel 2019 event skin for Firecracker Vayne and prestige Vayne. Big thanks to the Riot team, and Jon Buran for the art direction an support on this. And Thanks for Zeronis contacting me to join the team. Our cooperation is very smooth and happy! Thanks again.

Citemer liu vn

Firecracker Vayne

Citemer liu vn

Prestige Firecracker Vayne

Citemer liu presentation template

In game camera view

Citemer liu lr vayne prestige

Prestige In game camera view

Citemer liu vn2

Preliminary scheme

Citemer liu vn part2

Color scheme

Citemer liu vn part5

VFX scheme plan A

Citemer liu vn part5 b

VFX scheme plan B

Citemer liu vn1